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GIANT SALES! We all loooove them, don't we? Who doesn't want to save 100+ dollars? Whether it's Boxing Day (or week), Prime Day, or just a store level sale, whenever we see sales, we almost feel obligated to shop because if we don't take advantage of the sale - even if we don't need anything, we will have to pay full price! But does anyone ever think about the fact that they are still profiting off of the sale? Am I the only one that is happy, but low-key throwing side eye because they are openly showing us how much they've marked up the product, way past the point to cover the costs that go into consideration for an SRP (suggest retail price)?

I've talked about this before, if you know me in real life you likely have heard me go on a small rant about inflated prices, but it really bugs me. Today I was watching Wendy Williams (hoowyoudooehhhh) and at the end of the show they did their "Trendy @ Wendy" little moment, where they have a bunch of things, and they tell you the retail price (always absolutely ridiculous) and then they tell you the "special price" that you are getting if you buy it from Wendy Williams' website. When they got to the skincare products, I was eating some snacks and when I heard the retail price a set that came with a cleanser, 3 serums and 3 "gold" face masks, I nearly choked. I'll give you a chance to guess the price.... $200? $400? $700? Nope... It wasn't even $1000... It was $1399.96. Yes, the "retail price" is the cost of some people's rent. AND THAT'S ALSO IN AMERICAN CURRENCY... SO US CANADIANS, THAT'S LIKE $50,000 AT THIS CURRENT HORRIBLE EXCHANGE RATE!!

I was itching to see what the discount was going to be while Wendy sweet talked the products and how she loves them, and they're so good - whole time, with a "damn, y'all better cut that price big time" look on her face... Then they revealed that it was going to be 95% off and only cost $59.99. I instantly said "make a note, we're making a blog post about this right now".

So, how can that be? How can it be that a set is $1400, and they are able to discount it at 95% off and still be profiting? And then I remembered, you have built your company around a celebrity (Wendy) talking about your products and endorsing them, so you are now able to inflate the price because if a celebrity is being paid to endorse your product, it must be great and a major price increase is valid.

Currently, at the time I am writing this, the set isn't available on their website, but an almost the same set is... It's $1299.99 and on sale for [only] $101.98. Which lead me to think, hmmm... Maybe it's a holiday set, and they mark them down and take the hit because they would rather get rid of the product at [maybe] cost, then not break even. But it's not. It's actually never been available from what I see online, which makes this an exclusive offer to the show.

Then I started digging through the companies website and noticed a few things...

1) Everything is on sale.

2) All "sale" products are final sale - meaning the whole site is final sale (currently).

3) No formulas are actually available online, and they strategically post photos of the packaging where the ingredients list is hidden.

So this got me thinking... Are they actually $1400? Or, do they just write that price to allow people to believe, subconsciously, that the product has a high-end price, which must mean it's valuable and the brand is so generous that they are giving it for 95% off? It's interesting what lengths people will go to, to openly market right in front of us, and most of us do not question for a second or look into things as much as I just did, to "expose" the open marketing schemes they have.

Now, I'm not saying all sales are the same, whatsoever, but there's something about an 80% off or more that is unsettling for me... Imma still shop, but you most certainly will not see me until the next 80% or more off sale. I'm also not going to say the brands name because these are all MY opinions and the last thing I need is a cease and desist over a little blog post that nobody is going to even see. But, just keep an eye out for marketing schemes where they do things like inflate the price, but ALWAYS have it on sale. Be concious when purchasing. Do you get a rush of adrenaline? Is it an impulse? Are you subconciously being tricked into marketing to purchase something?

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