BEST OF 2019: Moisturizer/Oils/SPF

I'm only putting these 3 together because I didn't actually try out that many, so I thought it'd be pointless to have 3 separate posts with just a couple products on each. The good thing about combining them all together is that they are all the final steps of your skincare routine. Some will put oil, then moisturize. Some will put a moisturizer on and seal it in with an oil. Some people only put one and not both. But no matter what, SPF is your LASSSSSST step of your skincare routine. And yes, you need to wear it every single day, even people with a deeper complexion (a later post soon to come).

1. CeraVe - PM Lotion - $16.99 (89ml)

The CeraVe PM Lotion is the moisturizer I used the most this year. I went through 2 or 3 bottles of this and it's my favourite drugstore moisturizer. It has niacinamide, 3 essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid in it, which will basically keep your skin hydrated, soothed and lock moisture in. Drugstore brands are getting better and better as the years go on, they're starting to understand what the consumer wants and are simply just giving us exactly that.

This moisturizer can be used morning and night, despite the name being 'PM'. The AM lotion has SPF in it, so that's why I opt for the PM one, because my SPF step is a separate step and I feel like everyone should do the same, that way you aren't buying into the BS of "you need a morning and night cream", because reality is: YOU DON'T.

2. Dr. Jart - Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream - $63 (50ml)

If you're someone with acne, rosacea, any form of redness, windburn, or just had a facial treatment done like a peel, microneedling or laser, this will be your new obsession.

The Dr. Jart Cicapair cream contains centella asiatica, which helps soothes and repairs damaged skin. It also contains their trademarked "cicabond" which is going to help repair and rebuild damaged skin. What they don't mention is that there is also niacinamide in it (which is my favourite ingredient), shea butter and a ton of anti-oxidants. However, if you are looking for vegan products, this won't be for you as it does contain beeswax.

3. The Ordinary - 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil - $9.90 (30ml)

For oil lovers, this is what you need. If you have oily skin, don't believe the myth that you cannot use oils or it'll make your skin oilier. If you have acne, tread cautiously.

I used to have very oily skin and a lot of acne. I was terrified of using oils on my skin because I always heard I'll get more pimples and it'll make me oilier.... BOY WERE ALL THOSE PEOPLE WRONG. After a week of using oils at night, I noticed my skin throughout the day wouldn't be as shiny and greasy, and from that point on I was hooked. This oil is a favourite of mine for nights off of prescription retinol and basically every night during the winter. My skin will get dry and flaky and whenever I use this, I find my skin is repaired and rejuvenated. Rose hip oil is a skin-beneficial fatty acid that also has vitamin-A properties to it. This will help improve acne scaring and overall skin texture.

4. Etude House - Sunprise Airy Finish SPF50+ PA+++ - $16 (55ml)

If you don't follow me on Instagram, first of all, rude. But secondly, you definitely haven't heard me talk about this. I've been using this for 2 years, every single day and will not try anything else.

The Etude House SPF is a physical SPF that goes on skin light and does not leave an oily feeling. This has been a great choice for everyone who has oilier skin or doesn't like the feeling of SPF. Non-irritating, no flashback (deeper complexions will likely get one), no sunscreen smell. If you haven't tried it, go order it now.


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