Lip Products: Worth It Or No?

Hello again! These blog posts have been going over very well - thank god. I’m also being very consistent too! But anyway, let’s talk about lips. It’s winter time and as always, mine are chapped, peeling & split open.

I require lots of hydration almost 24/7 and my usual choice for lip treatment was the Bite Agave Lip Treatment, however they reformulated it and much like everyone else, I’m not a fan. They went Vegan and got rid of lanolin which is derived from sheep, but the formula just isn’t the same anymore. So, I went on a hunt for lip products that will give me enough hydration but also not as expensive as the Bite Beauty one was.

I got all of these, except one from Amazon. The only one I didn’t get from Amazon I actually received in PR. Full disclaimer, I’ll mention which one was gifted to me and the review will be of my own. I am not sponsored by them, etc etc.

1. Nivea - Hydro Care Lip Balm - $1.49 (4.8g)

First up, the unbeatable priced Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm. At $1.49 you cannot get any better than that and it's actually a great lip balm too! There is a weird scent/taste to this, I haven't figured out what ingredient is causing it, but that is a fair warning. It's not necessarily bad, but it's not enjoyable either. The lip balm does not, by any stretch, give 24 hour moisture and for $1.49 you shouldn't expect it either. It does give a burst of instant hydration and it lasts on the skin for quite some time before fully absorbing.

If you're on a budget and just want something to throw on in an emergency, this will be your go to. You can find it absolutely anywhere, but I get mine through Amazon cause prime delivery.

2. Burt Bee's - Natural Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment - $9.99 (7g)

Second, I got the Burt Bee's lip treatment and to be honest I had high hopes for this because the reviews were basically all 5 stars... However, I'm not sure why everyone loves it? I didn't find it did anything outstanding and I don't think it's better than their lip balm. If I'm being honest, I'd pick their lip balm over this treatment. It does contain mentha piperita oil, which is a fancy name for peppermint oil, ceramides, glycerin and jojoba seed oil. All are supposed to hydrate the lips, however I didn't find this make a substantial difference.

3. DoubleDown Cosmetics - Vegan Spearmint Lip Balm - $11.50 (USD)

Up next is this DoubleDown Cosmetics vegan spearmint lip balm. This was the product that was sent to me, so I did not purchase it. However, as I’ve been doing for the past 3+ years, whenever I receive something in PR and I decide to review it, it’s under my own terms and I say what I want! I actually really do enjoy this lip balm, I find it actually lasts longer than majority of lip balms I have tried and it actually nourishes my lips. Because I get split-chapped lips, I need something that has some type of healing properties to it and thankfully this one does! The only downfall about this is that it is an American brand, so for any Canadians, we already know what that means... Costs more because of the exchange rate, sometimes we get hit with import fees and shipping usually is more for us, and unfortunately, shipping fees always cost a hefty amount for indie brands. BUT, it’s a guarantee love and for my American readers, it’d be a lot more inexpensive for you.

4. Lansinoh - HPA Lanolin - $9.87 (40g)

Now this is a cream that women use for breastfeeding. I wasn’t exactly sure why people recommended me to try this, but after reading reviews I noticed there was a good amount of people who fully said “I use this on my lips!” So I felt a but more comfortable. It’s 100% lanolin, which means if you are vegan, this won’t be for you because lanolin is typically derived from sheep. It is a very popular ingredient for lip balms and lip treatments, usually within the first couple of ingredients. As mentioned above, my favourite lip treatment was the Bite Beauty Agave treatment, but it has been reformulated without lanolin and I don’t like it anymore. I figured this would be a guarantee love... I was wrong. It’s a very thick & sticky consistency, which doesn’t bug me for overnight treatments... But, I found that when I put it on it wasn’t actually absorbing into my skin. It just sat there for about 2.5-3 hours and then finally started to absorb. I didn’t find it actually hydrated though... Just kind of moisturized the area, but there wasn’t any hydrating factors. If you know anything about skin, you know there’s a huge difference between moisturizing and hydrating. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it for lips. Not sure how it works for nipples - sorry.

5. Eucerin - Aquaphor - $12.49 (99g)

This is probably the oldest thing that people use for hydrating and healing anywhere on the skin... And it still hasn’t changed. I started off with the small sample size, I think it was about $4 and it lasted for about a week and a half. It’s amazing. I bought the huge 99g container of it because I also tried this on my eczema that has been on my knuckles for almost a year and it got rid of it. I have had this thick, calluses-like eczema for almost, if not a full year. Everything I tried would not work, not even prescription ointments. Literally NOTHING I tried work except for this. Thank god. It’s finally gone. Took about a week of consistent use, every time it absorbed, I’d add more and before bed I would add a thick clump on. If you’re on a budget and don’t mind a treatment that doesn’t absorb quickly, this will be your best friend. If you’re someone struggling with eczema and can’t find anything that helps, give this a shot! You can apply it anywhere on the body that is dry too.


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