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I thought it would be beneficial to go over a skincare budget with everyone because I am constantly asked by my clients “what is a good budget” and the fact of the matter is, there isn’t an exact price for everyone. Toners, essences, and mists aren’t a necessity, however if you have a compromised barrier or very dry skin it could be beneficial to you specifically to have the additional step in your routine for extra hydration. A routine is truly made specifically for your personal concerns and skin (and budget). This is why you should always see a professional if you’re having troubles with your skin to get a proper routine made for you. So, let’s jump into what this blog post is all about: BUDGETING.

I have always said spend the bulk of your budget on serums rather than looking for beneficial ingredients in something that is a wash off product like a cleanser or mask. The reason is that it is being washed off and likely no benefits are going to be seen from it. The only exception is salicylic acid because it works very quickly. Also, buying a $75 mask that you are washing off is also unnecessary for the same reason. If you insist on masks, get a sheet mask.

Your serums do not need to be $80 each because we have companies like The Inkey List, CeraVe, Good Molecules, The Ordinary, etc. that exists and make affordable serums for everyone. You can get a few serums that will target your skin concerns and will not break the bank. I do also want to mention that brands like The Ordinary focus on single ingredients and are basic formulas — nothing wrong with that, however it's important to note that if you are buying 5 serums that are $10-$12 each from them, it could add up to one $50 serum that has all those single ingredients in it. Sometimes people go crazy and buy 5-10 serums from The Ordinary and it ends up costing the same to what one product could have done for you... Skincare is all about quality not quantity, you don’t need 100 products, you just need a few great ones that target concerns.

A crucial note for everyone, but especially those who are on a budget, make sure you are putting your products in the proper steps. The general rule used is from thinnest to thickest. If you are applying your products, and they are sitting on your skin for longer than an hour without fully absorbing, you likely have them in the wrong order OR you are using too many products and your skin can’t absorb them. You also do not want to be applying your products and immediately falling asleep because all your skincare gets soaked up by your pillowcases.

To Recap:

• don‘t spend a lot on wash off products • toners/essences/mists are not a necessity

• spend the bulk of your budget on serums that target your skin needs



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