Skincare Fridges: Scam or Legit?

Right now skincare fridges are the trend, everyone is claiming that they make ingredients last longer and suddenly everyone and their grandma are selling them. Some go for $25 and otherwise go for an outrageous $150. But is it actually beneficial?

The theory is, keeping your product in a low-temperature place helps reduce the natural process of oxidization, therefore you get longer use out of your products. When you think about it, it makes sense! You freeze food way past the expiration date because it slows down the natural life of your food going bad.

There is a benefit of storing your product in the fridge, such as eye creams/eye masks because the coldness will help to de-puff the eyes. But you could also leave two spoons in the fridge at night and in the morning use that as well. So does the price tag of a skincare fridge become worth it?

A beauty fridge is unnecessary, it’s really just a marketing gimmick because whenever a product is released into the market it has to go through stability testing, aka accelerated tests, to make sure the product is stable. These accelerated tests are at extreme conditions to collect data in a shorter amount of time, than what would happen if you actually left the product on the shelf for 12 months. There are many types of accelerated tests that are run, such as: elevated temperature testing, elevated humidity testing, freeze-thaw tests, condition cycling tests, exposure to sunlight testing, mechanical tests and compatibility tests. The temperature test is done at 4 degrees, room temperature, 35 degrees, 37 degrees, 45 degrees and 54 degrees Celsius... Surely, nobody is ever going to be in an area at 54 degrees Celsius. The company will also put the “use before” or period-after-opening (POA) jar on the product, which is to let you know how long the product will have the most efficiency. Keep in mind that if it had to be kept in a fridge, the retailer would also be storing it in a fridge and I can assure you that the fridge in the back of Sephora did not contain any products... ever. It was filled with half emptied Starbucks drinks that people forgot about.

A product goes from the manufacturer, travels for however long to the distributors head office, gets sorted and delivered to their locations (again, taking god knows how long), then sits in the back for possibly months before it ends up on your shelf, where it will sit for likely 3-12 months.

Where this is primarily pushed is for organic products and that’s because much like an apple, if you leave it out, it will oxidize and rot/mold. Just like pure, organic skincare. Organic skincare typically has the most issues regarding stability. You will find that the recommended POA on an organic product will be low vs a product that uses a chemical preservative which will be 12/24 months for most skincare products.

So yes you can, but really, no you shouldn’t store your products in these trendy tiny fridges. Especially not a tiny fridge that’s price tag is $150. However, if you want, use the fridge that’s already in your house that stores your food in it, most skincare products can fit in a drawer or on the door. But they’ll be fine in your drawer/cabinet.


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